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Hedgehog, your home's digital guardian.
Catch spyware

Scan your network for unrecognised and unauthorised devices 24/7.

Protect your privacy

Detect security holes and vulnerabilites in your existing tech and network.

Always learning

Detect and block suspicious activity and devices automatically, using a revolutionary algorithm.

Protect from viruses and spyware.

Easy to install Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for your home Wi-Fi network. Works with all your existing tech to protect every device and every person in your household, even those anti-virus, firewalls and VPN already installed.

Protect from Identity Theft and financial fraud.

Detect security holes and vulnerabilities on your existing devices and network. Scan and block unrecognised and unauthorised devices 24/7. Contactless, passwordless, time limited Guest WiFi for visitors, keeping your devices and personal data safe.

Safeguard against unauthorised use of your personal data.

A totally new way of detecting suspicious activity and devices across your household and the dark web that we call Home Intelligence.

Who are we?

Hedgehog is the world's 1st device that uses Zobi Home Intelligence.

Multi-award winning. Designed and assembled in the UK.

Works in the USA, EU and UK.

Security tested by independent experts.

About our design

Inspired by the British countryside and nature..

  • Hedgehog is small, cute, friendly; but with sharp defensive edges; a subtle reference to the spikes of a Hedgehog, which are used to defend attacks.

  • We felt that the Hedgehog needed to be visible, but at the same time, blend into the home environment.

  • We were heavily inspired by homeware design trends; in order to create an almost sculptural and ceramic feeling item. This approach has, in turn, emphasized the cute and friendly aesthetic; allowing it to blend into virtually any home, no matter the decor.

  • The necessary ventilation and lighting have been hidden behind the flowing fins - allowing the object to truly feel like a piece of homeware.


European Product design award 2020 winner

Winner of Startup Series, the UK's largest seed funding competition.

How it works and why you can trust Hedgehog.

Hedgehog anonymously monitors your home network, learning what normal looks like for your household, then uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and block anything suspicious.

Our products are independently tested by cybersecurity and privacy experts.

No browsing history or personal data is retained.

Smart. Simple. Safe

Your home, your family, your identity.

It’s private, personal.

Hedgehog protects all your devices across your entire home network.

Phones and fridges, PCs and speakers, webcams and nanny-cams, tablets and TVs..

It’s a digital guardian that keeps you and your family safe.

And gives you one less thing to worry about.

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See what people are saying about us.

"You should be actively keeping all the software on your smart home devices up-to-date and password protected but if you want an extra layer of security, the Hedgehog is a so-called whole home cybersecurity device."

“We’re delighted to have supported Zobi with an investment from our Startup Series Fund. With Scott, we’re backing a highly technical and commercial founder that has developed a hardware & software proposition that solves a real pain point for consumers.”

"We made our first investment in Zobi in April of 2020. We had excellent feedback on the business from a number of our advisors, and were excited and impressed by their quick market traction, matching their previously demonstrated product competence. Considering the well thought out roadmap and potential significant returns, we made a much larger follow-on investment in November of 2020."


Hedgehog, Zobi Limited, 160 City Road London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom


+44 (0)20 3369 5946