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Hedgehog Orange Belly

£99.00 £249.00 saving £150.00
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Hedgehog Orange Belly

£99.00 £249.00 saving £150.00
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Introducing Hedgehog, your home’s new digital guardian.

- Simple: Plug into your router, set up in minutes

- Smart: Detect and block suspicious activity and devices

- Safe: Disguise your browsing history and safeguard your personal data

Compatible with all Internet providers and all your existing tech.

Anti-Virus and Firewalls are only part of the solution.

Hedgehog protects every device.

There are NO subscription fees.

Network scanner and device recognition

Scan your network for unrecognised and unauthorised devices 24/7.

Vulnerability scanner

Detect security holes and vulnerabilities in your existing tech and network.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Detect and block suspicious activity and devices automatically.

Device Manager

Simple control of your connected devices.

Guest Wi-Fi

Contactless, passwordless, time-limited WiFi for visitors, keeping your devices and personal data safe.

Broadband tools

Test your broadband speed against others in the area and monitor for outages.

Home Intelligence

A totally new way to detect for suspicious activity and devices that we call Home Intelligence.


Dual-Core processor
1 GB of memory
4 GB eMMC internal storage
2.4Gh and 5Ghz Wireless adapter
Cryptography chip
USB-C power
Near Field Communication module
2 x 1Gbps Ethernet ports
LED light ring

This is a pre-order with an early bird discount. Shipping early 2021.