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Hoglet (pack of 2)

£49.00 £159.00 saving £110.00
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Hoglet (pack of 2)

£49.00 £159.00 saving £110.00
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The picture shows a UK plug. Hoglet comes with US, EU and UK plug.

Works in the USA, the UK and across Europe.

No more Wi-Fi passwords!

- Plug-in Hoglet.

- Extend and boost your existing Wi-Fi.

- And automatically create a safe guest Wi-Fi for visitors.

- Devices simply tap onto a Hoglet to connect to the Wi-Fi.

- NEW: Self-learning to boost the Wi-Fi where you need it the most.

- No complicated network name to remember.

- No password sharing required.

- Works with any broadband provider.

- Passwordless and safe.

- Get notified when guests join and leave.

- Block or revoke unwanted devices.

- Activity logs up for the last 90 days.

- Parental controls for guests’ devices.

- Limit Internet bandwidth to guests.

Simple. Smart. Safe.

Works with your existing router and Wi-Fi.

This is a pre-order with an early bird discount. Shipping of Hoglets expected to start in approximately 8 weeks.